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Sneaky Wholefoods


Sneaky Wholefoods comes from humble beginnings.

 What started as a vision to create a nourishing on-the-go finger-licking snack bar has now evolved into a flourishing brand that offers an array of snacks throughout Australia's healthiest cafes, food grocers, gyms, homes.

 We pride ourselves on making high-quality snacks, handmade and packaged in small batches using only the best wholefoods we can find, including a selection of organic wholefoods and superfoods.

 Whether you’re:


-Intolerant to gluten and/or lactose  

-Eat grain-free 

-Wanting a protein boost



-Looking for that 3 pm pick-me-up

we have you covered.

Nourish your body and maximize your energy through healthy snacking with Sneaky Wholefoods.

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